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OK! Today is January 31, 2001, and I have decided to start my triangles all over again. Here are a few possible setting ideas I have worked out. They are only rough approximations given the fact that I worked them out in QuiltSoft 4.0, which doesn't have all the bells and whistles EQ4 has. But it will give you the idea I'm going for. What do you think?

Setting 1- Just a plain Snowball block Setting 2- Maria's Majesty or Cheiko Rose

Setting 3- using Adelaides Apron Strings results in a woven look.

Alice's Baby Jane Triangles

Top Row Triangles- Click on Block Names for Large photo
Spanish Moss TR1 Australian Pine TR2 Checkerboard TR3
Bennington Cross TR4 Michigan Dunes TR5 Carla's Candle Flame TR6
Norway's Fjord TR7 Brigadoon TR8 Needle's Point TR9
Precious Gems TR10 Phoenix TR11 Jane's Oak TR12
Left Side Triangles
Right Side Triangles
Bottom Triangles
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