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My Favorite Quilt Links

What Where

Quilter's Home Pages

Appalacian Quilts
Lois Lacy's Quilt Links

Lois has a great collection of links.
A Quilter by Design

Heart To Hand

Planet Patchwork

This lady has everything!

World Wide Quilting Page

Another Great list of links!

Dear Jane
and Friends

Dear Jane Home Page

Susanne's Baby Janes

Tazzie's Page

Alice's Baby Janes

Linda's Hand Piecing Site

Linda's New Book, Love & Friendship

This is the quilt that started a world-wide quilting bee!

Quilt Magazines
and Quilt related reading

Tradional Quilter

Welcome to Quilts Online

Quilts in Literature

Quilts, Quilting and Patchwork in Adult Fiction


A Great Notion- Sewing Supply Ltd.

Hickory Hill Antique Quilts

Quilt-A-Way Fabrics

Quilts Plus Home Page

QuiltPro Systems

For Innovative and Hard to find Sewing Supplies
Kickass Country Store

An amazing source for quilt supplies!!!

Quilt Guilds

Quilt Guilds in the NorthEast USA

Quilting Services

Needle in a Haystack!!

Expert Machine Quilting
Give Bonnie a call!!

Other Sites

Maria Elkin's Lost Quilt Come Home Page

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