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Creating A Webpage of Your Own

First, just let me say, that I am not going to attempt to teach you how to write HTML. There are many very good sources for that. I can only tell you what I have found helpful and give you some links on the Web to visit. From there, your imagination and desire to share with the world will take you on an adventure to your final destination- a page of your own. Where do I start? you may wonder. Read some books, there are many that are just for beginners. Go to your local library and check out a pile of books. You should read more than one anyway, because there is always something in one that is not in the other ones. I personally, found Laura LeMay's book "Teach yourself HTML 3.2 in a week" very helpful. Then "HTML for Dummies", of course, and Project Cool put out a book on basic HTML as well.

You can use an editor if you like- but you'll understand HOW things work if you type it out yourself in a plain old text editor. After that, those editors will save you some time on all your "new and improved" pages. Start off simple, with something personal, like a family page or hobby page. Add some pictures, and some links to other places you've been and your on your way. It's a good idea to proof-read everything you do for spelling errors and proper endings for all your tags; and then use a validator for checking your code. One like the Kinder, Gentler, Validator will show you your mistakes and suggest ways to correct them. Whatever you do, remember to test, test, test, to see how it actually looks on the browser. And finally, submit your site to as many lists or search engines as you can- that way, people can find your page and visit. You might try Yahoo or the Dynamic Site Search

I say, go ahead and try it! It's really not that hard. It's a lot of fun and so exciting to see something you've worked out on the keyboard come to life on the web.


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