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Alpha-Numeric List of Baby Jane Triangles

Use as a Reference for "Dear Jane" Book by Brenda Papadakis
Triangle Name Alpha-Numeric Reference Page Number
Argyl BR13 150
Attic Window BR3 144
Australian Pines TR2 127
Barb's Diamond LS2 151
Bennington Cross TR4 128
Brigadoon TR8 130
Button Hook LS12 157
Candy Dish BR4 144
Carla's Candle Flame TR6 129
Checkerboard TR3 128
Cherokee Lee RS2 135
Cheryl's Clown BR7 147
Connie's Brownies LS3 153
Danish Delight RS9 140
Dutch Apron RS4 136
Eiffel Tower TR13 134
Epicenter RS3 136
Fidelia's Hearts RS7 138
Frank's Rickrack BR6 145
Gay's Glory BR5 145
Geisha Girl RS5 137
Goshen BLC 124
Grandma Nan's Bodice RS10 140
Hills of Jerusalem RS11 141
Jane's Oak TR12 133
Jessie's Stained Glass BR12 149
Kathy's Cake Stand LS11 157
Kiwi LS9 156
Liegh's Woods BR2 143
Linda's Church in the Valley RS12 141
Longwood TRC 123
Love Forever RS8 138
Marlene's Pirouette RS13 142
Megan's Cathedral LS10 156
Michigan Dunes TR5 129
Nancee's Fantasy LS1 151
Needle's Point TR9 131
Nicholas' Diamond BR10 148
Northern Lights LS8 155
Norway's Fjord TR7 130
Olympic Torch LS5 154
Phoenix TR11 133
Precious Gems TR10 131
Rosemary's Rainbow BR1 143
Sadie Rose TLC 122
Sally's Steeple LS7 155
Sarah Jane BRC 125
Spanish Moss TR1 127
Sue's Garden BR9 148
Susie Q LS6 154
Tartan BR11 149
Tennesee Valley RS1 135
Thunderhead BR8 147
Tumbling Blocks RS6 137
Virginia's Kite LS4 153
Watermelon LS13 158

TLC-Top Left Corner
TRC-Top Right Corner
BLC-Bottom Left Corner
BRC-Bottom Right Corner
TR-Top Row
RS-Right Side
BR-Bottom Row

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2007; Pumpkins and Roses Baby Jane Blocks-
Updated January 21, 2007