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A Little About Me

Some Background

Hi! My name is Alice. I grew up in a two-hundred year old house that our family fixed up from top to bottom.Of course, working on an old house can be a expensive proposition, so we all learned to do as much of the work ourselves as we could. We learned to sheetrock, paint and wallpaper; not to mention all the new electric, plumbing and heating. This now helps me to fix up my own home. In the midst of making a home, the desire for soft, pretty things prompted my mother, sister, and I to learn how to sew, knit and crochet. I started making my own dolls at about eight years old, and developed a lifelong love for the needlearts.

2007 Update

We now live in Upstate New York in a little village and we are loving the small town life. We have an old house that I'm fixing up top to bottom which we will probably sell and move even further into the country when I'm done and start all over again. In the meantime I have started collecting old vintage sewing machines and now have about 30 wonderful sewing machines both electric and people powered. I'm learning to repair and refurbish these treasures and I know they will continue to work for many years to come. My daughter and I enjoy this passion for old machines together and she boasts about 4 machines for her very own collection. She likes to treadle. For the last three years I've been slowly growing a little yarn shop. I thought it was going to be a sewing shop but life takes twists and turns in unexpected directions and here I am loving the yarn business I've built. I started with very little yarn and just keep putting every penny back in and getting more yarn and books and all the other things for knitting and crocheting. And now people are starting to come looking for me so it's doing better all the time. I'm looking forward to opening my website for business very soon.

Other Interests

Among my other interests are reading, gardening, collecting small, old, china teapots, doing some decorative painting and learning something new and challenging every year; like learning HTML. I believe it's what keeps me young (not that I'm saying I'm old yet!) And most important to me, is my faith as one of Jehovah's Witnesses. By our study of the Bible, we learn to live happy satisfying lives now, while waiting for God's New System to come upon this Earth and make it into the Paradise we pray for in the Lord's Prayer. If you would like to become aquainted with what the Bible teaches about this, visit the Official Website of Jehovah's Witnesses, or even better, speak to the next Witness who visits you at your home. It won't take long to learn about God's Promises, but the rewards will last forever.

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